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Week 1 Stalls

Leading up to our reopening tomorrow we thought it would be appropriate to introduce you to our Week 1 stalls. 


Vauxhall Street Food Garden Traders Images [OPA OPA]

Originating from Greece, OPA OPA, run by father & son Konastantinos & Theodor, have created a menu featuring ingredients that were staples of their family life in the Mediterranean…a diet famed as being one the healthiest in the world. They are determined to bring the authentic Greek Souvlaki and famous traditional dishes (Mousaka, staffed smoked aubergine, Spinatch and Feta cheese pies, Greek and Superfood salads) to food lovers to eat on the go, but also educate the London audience on Greek cuisine. In the words of OPA OPA themselves – “Souvlaki is fresh, tasty and healthy, fast and casual, sexy and trendy”


Vauxhall Street Food Garden Traders Images [Macstreet Boys]

A Gourmet Macaroni Cheese lovingly made with a scrumptious blend of English Cheddar and Organic Parmesan. Having worked for 6 years in a number of leading restaurants, head chef Krisitan combined his passion for cooking with his love of home made comfort to create Macstreet Boys. Using only the freshest and locally sourced ingredients, his motto is once you go mac, you always come back.


Vauxhall Street Food Garden Traders Images [YAAY YAAY]

Thai food is tasty but Thai food cooked at home is something else! Yaay Yaay brings you the most delicious & authentic Thai dishes. The word Yaay means grandmother in Thai – they call their Grandmother “Yaay Yaay.” Inspired by her cooking, Yaay Yaay have combined the classic recipes passed down to them by their Grandmother and created a new fusion menu!


Vauxhall Street Food Garden Traders Images [City Burger]

Introducing our in house Burger stall, serving delicious, carefully sourced Hamburgers freshly prepared to eat in or takeaway. With a selection of burgers taking influence from global cuisines expect to have your tastebuds tingle to the flavours of London, New York, Madrid, Munich, and beyond.


Vauxhall Street Food Garden Traders Images [Win & Lily]

Win & Lily have been VSFG residents every since we opened back in 2014, offering a variety of freshly made oriental dishes giving customers a wide selection of meat and vegetables as well as sauces/different cooking wines creating innovative taste combinations that are sure to have you coming back for more.

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